Wrapped Up in a Beau

Wrapped Up in a Beau

Sometimes the best-laid plan is a change of plan.

For the past five years, Mason Renclair has been anywhere but home for Christmas. He can’t wait to escape Swan’s Crossing, New York, for more exotic climes. Nothing short of divine intervention will keep him from jumping on that plane. That is, until divine intervention appears in the form of Greta Marcum, his sister’s friend who just flew in from London. Suddenly he’s got a whole new itinerary in mind—at home.

Greta has traveled all over the world, but she’s looking forward to spending Christmas in a quiet, homey American town. Getting naughty with one of the locals isn’t part of her plan, but Mason’s infectious laugh and irresistible kisses melt the ice right off her Italian boots.

What starts out as a holiday fling has them checking their list twice for what they really want for Christmas.

Warning: Contains hot love scenes between a man who cherishes his freedom, and a woman who would give anything to have what he takes for granted—a real home.

Lovers by Christmas

Lovers by Christmas

An invitation to spend the night…

Thea finds herself in a sexy rapport with a handsome stranger in a dark lounge. In his eyes, she sees the promise of an encounter unlike any other.

After one night of passion, Kenner already decides he needs to make Thea his, but how can he do that when she flees the morning after?

An invitation to an exclusive gala…

Thea never wants to see Kenner again, but when they cross paths at a Christmas party, she learns what he was really after the night they met, and it wasn’t just her body. The only question is, can she trust him?

Two lonely souls find their way to each other on the most magical of seasons.

Lovers by New Year's

Lovers by New Year's

A secret admirer…

Rosamund Banks receives a note on her desk from a secret admirer who promises to reveal himself at the New Year’s Eve party. She thinks she knows who it is, but isn’t all that certain she feels the same way about him…and she might not find out if she’s right when she gets trapped in a room away from the gala. Then her night turns out quite differently than she imagined.

A secret rendezvous…

Seeking solitude during his own family’s party, Aaron Taggart is surprised when he hears Rosamund’s call for help. As her employer, he shouldn’t even think about kissing her, let alone seducing her. But he can’t help but steal an opportunity to have her to himself, and offers her a private tour via secret passageway. Once he has her in his arms however, he may have no other choice than to steal her heart as well.

Should Rose choose her romantic secret admirer or a man known around the office as “The General”?